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Your competent partner for exposure therapy

We are setting standards in virtual behaviour therapy

VEX – your partner for virtual exposure therapy

VEX provides an extremely successful method for treatment of specific phobias

We utilise state-of-the-art technology in exposure therapy

      Diseases do not befall us out of the blue sky, they develop from the daily little sins against nature. When those have cumulated, they break out seemingly at once.      

Virtual Exposure

VEX S.A. develops and distributes virtual exposure (VEX) applications for cognitive behaviour therapy in psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy.

The basis are scenarios designed for the exposure of patients.

VEX services include consulting, conception, production and distribution of virtual reality systems for virtual exposure.

The VEX system comprises a comprehensively equipped basic system with numerous different scenarios. This basic equipment can be individually tailored and extended to suit the customer's demands. We provide custom-tailored scenarios exactly designed after the customer's specifications and conceptions within just a few days.

VEX S.A. was founded in 2013. The founders over many years have gathered experience in the fields of psychology and simulation development. Our international team comprises psychologists, psychotherapists, computer scientists, graphic and media designers.